NutriChem Clinic and Compounding Pharmacy

NutriChem IV Suite Ottawa, ON

The NutriChem Advantage

Our first priority for all patients receiving intravenous vitamin infusion therapy (IVIT) is safety. There are a few important investments the clinic has made that help to limit the risk of serious complications that can occur with IVIT in rare cases.

Decreasing the Risk of Infections:

In most cases the line (the plastic tube) that connects the IV bag to the catheter in the vein, is just an open line that has a roller switch for adjusting the speed of the IV treatment. It does not prevent the movement of any bacteria that may have accidentally been introduced in to the IV bag during preparation from going in to the blood.

Nutrichem uses a specific line for all of its Intravenous drip treatments to reduce the risk of serious complications. Each line has an in-built 0.2 micron filter to remove any bacteria, endotoxins, and foreign particulate matter that may have contaminated the IV bag. This prevents the movement of any of the above in to the vein while the IV fluid and its dissolved nutrients can flow unobstructed in to the blood stream. The filter helps to reduce the risk of sepsis and respiratory distress from particulate matter obstructing veins of the lungs.

Preparation of the IV Bags:

The preparation of all IV bags is done in a compounding facility that is fully compliant with the National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA). This compounding facility is the first of its kind in Ottawa, ON. The strict requirements to be compliant with NAPRA guidelines is centred around the production of products which are safer and of superior quality.

For example, all of the filtered air in the compounding facility must be removed from the building entirely, rather than it being recycled within the sterile compounding zone. NutriChem invests heavily in producing safe and pure compounded IV bags as they are compounded in an environment where there are insignificant amounts of bacteria, viruses, or particulate matter. This standard of compounding is above the current standards implemented by most compounding pharmacies.


The clinic is focused on providing an environment that is comfortable and uplifting for our patients. This includes free parking, free wifi, comfortable reclining leather chairs for the IV suite, and uplifting music.