IV Therapy

Which IV Therapies are available?


IV therapies are the delivery of selected compounds to the blood stream through a small catheter inserted in to a vein the arm or hand. 

The compounds included in an IV therapy determine the benefits of the IV treatment. There is a large selection of available therapies which have different targets and functions. Therapies are also frequently customized for you after a discussion with your naturopathic doctor and it is determined that different compounds or different doses would be more beneficial. 


There are 3 fertility formulas for male and female fertility. The main objective of these therapies is to reduce the oxidative stress in the body and increase total antioxidant capacity to support healthy sperm and egg health, quality, and positive outcomes for a wide variety of fertility treatments. The specific formulas can be found in the IV Menu under Fertility Starter, Fertility Pro, and Fertility Supreme


A popular IV formula is the Myers’ Cocktail, which has been shown to improve symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. It has a combination of B-vitamins, Vitamin C, and specific minerals (including calcium and magnesium). 


The Mood Elevate formula supports neurotransmitter production (Serotonin) and supports energy levels.


Total Detox is designed to help the liver detox various toxins and contaminants the body can store from environmental exposure. It has a mild chelator (binds to heavy metals and excretes them) along with other nutrients that support liver detoxification pathways.


Energize & Clear is specific to reduce symptoms of adrenal fatigue, stress, and help support the body and optimizing its energy levels. 


High dose vitamin c formula is beneficial in adjunctive care of cancer for patients receiving concurrent chemotherapy. 


The Maximum Defense formula provides high dose compounds shown to help reduce the length of common colds and additional ingredients that support optimal functioning of the immune system. 


The Pregnancy Glow formula is designed for supportive care in the 1st trimester for expecting mothers. It includes compounds to reduce morning sickness and nausea, support energy levels, and nutrients with preliminary evidence showing that they may help reduce the risk of miscarriage. 


The Glutathione Drip is beneficial for skin health and glow, and also helps to detoxify the body of various harmful compounds it holds on to from environmental exposure.