Mood Elevate Formula

Elevate | Relax | Restore

intravenous nutrient vitamin infusion

This formula is focused on supporting mood by reducing symptoms of depression and/or anxiety. 


IV therapies in Ottawa, ON for mood support focus on supporting the production of key neurotransmitters, reducing the stress hormones, helping to detoxify the body and supporting the body’s production of energy. 


It includes a variety of key ingredients. It has taurine and glycine, important amino acids, which have a strong relaxing effect and support mental performance. Magnesium also helps to reduce muscle tension as an antispasmodic, and is also used as a co-factor in over 200 biological chemical processes, may reduce premenstrual tension, reduce symptoms of restless leg syndrome, reduce migraine related pain, and more [1-6].


It contains a combination of high dose B-Vitamins to support energy production and support optimal brain functioning. In fact, concentrations of certain B-vitamins are up to 20x higher in the brain than the blood [7]. It also delivers an optimal dose of key minerals, such as, selenium and zinc.


This formula also include additional nutrients and vitamins, such as, an optimal dose of Vitamin C.


An important amino acid that this treatment gives to you is L-Tryptophan, an essential amino acid, meaning the body is unable to produce this important compound. Tissue storage is also very low, meaning we are unable to hold on to and keep this amino acid, we must continually consume it from our diet, and many people, especially vegetarians, are unable to obtain the recommended 400 mg a day from diet. L-Tryptophan produces a key neurotransmitter which supports mood called Serotonin [8].


IV Glutathione is also one of the many powerful ingredients in this comprehensive formula. It serves as a powerful antioxidant important to reduce cellular aging, support detoxification pathways in the liver, and support cardiovascular health. 


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