IV Drip

What’s the difference between an IV Drip and IV Push?


IV drips are an intravenous therapy where the therapeutic compounds are mixed in to an IV bag. The IV bag is connected to a line (a plastic tube, where NutriChem only uses tubes with in-built 0.2 micron filters for additional patient safety) and the IV bag content is slowly dripped in to the blood circulation via the small catheter at the end of the line which is first inserted in to a vein in the upper limbs. 


IV Push is similar but different. Instead of placing the therapeutic compounds in the IV bag, they are usually mixed with saline in a large syringe and slowly injected in to the vein, again, via a small catheter which is first inserted in to a vein in the upper limb. 

An IV drip is usually preferred as the concentration of ingredients is lower (due to a larger volume of saline for the ingredients to mix in to). This way we are able to deliver the same dose as an IV push but in a more dilute solution, which is less irritating to the vein and thus more comfortable. 


The IV Push can be a quicker treatment, but is generally avoided as the concentration of the therapeutic ingredients is higher and can irritate the vein. It is important to note that even though the concentration of the ingredients is higher in an IV Push, the total dose is the same as the IV drip, so there is no therapeutic advantage to a push over a drip.