Maximum Defense Formula

Defend | Strengthen | Replenish  

intravenous vitamin infusion ottawa

IV nutrient infusions in Ottawa, ON, Canada focused on stimulating the body’s immune defences to fight off viruses and infections. 


The powerful formula delivers a high dose of the immune stimulating compound, Vitamin C. The high dose of Vitamin C in the IV bag increases blood concentration of Vitamin C beyond what can be achieved with just oral supplementation, up to 50x higher [1]. Vitamin C helps to stimulate the immune function and fight off infections. It has been shown to reduce the duration of the common cold, for example, and higher doses of Vitamin C seem to give a better response [2, 3].


It also delivers additional important nutrients to stimulate the body’s natural immune defences. It provides zinc, along with selenium, which on its own has been shown in clinical research to help reduce the time to recovery during infections and stimulate the immune system. In fact, it has been shown to reduce the length of the common cold by about 30% in a meta-analysis of 7 clinical trials [4]. 


The IV formula works to help you feel more replenished by providing important electrolytes, minerals and high dose B-Vitamins to support energy levels [5].


It also provides you with a high dose of glutathione to help provide antioxidant support and detoxification [6]. 


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