Fertility Supreme Formula

Improve Quality | Stimulate Blood-flow | Support Success 


For Female and Male Fertility

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IV Vitamin therapies in Ottawa, ON, Canada can be used to help improve fertility and pregnancy. The Fertility Supreme Formula is the most comprehensive fertility formula compared to the Fertility Starter and Fertility Pro formulas available for the treatment of infertility. 


The formula includes the vital ingredients from the basic and pro formulas: high dose vitamin c, glutathione, zinc, selenium, and b-vitamins. It builds on these formulas by providing two powerful amino acids to support reproductive health. 


The additional amino acids in this formula are L-Carnitine and L-Arginine. Carnitine is essential in metabolism of substrates in the mitochondria and stimulates the production of cellular energy (ATP). Carnitine has been shown to work as an irreplaceable stimulant for male fertility as it improves sperm motility, concentration and normal morphology. It does this by reducing the damage to sperm cells by reactive oxygen species (ROS). Carnitine has also been shown to improve egg quality and female fertility [1,2].


Arginine works as a vasodilator and helps to stimulate blood-flow to the reproductive organs. It is essential in supporting a healthy uterine lining, especially in Women with thin uterine linings or light periods. Arginine also works as an antioxidant and supports male fertility [3, 4].


The delivery of these amino acids with the other supporting ingredients by IV provides better absorption than oral capsules as it by-passes first-pass metabolism from the liver (where the liver breaks down a lot of compounds when taken orally). 


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