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Intravenous vitamin infusion therapy in Ottawa, ON, Canada for fertility focuses on the most important ingredient found in our other 2 fertility formulas (fertility pro and fertility supreme). 


Glutathione is the body’s most powerful and vital antioxidant. IV glutathione injections have been found to support male fertility by improving the quality of sperm parameters. A clinical trial using just IV glutathione found men treated had a significant increase in the sperm motility and normal sperm morphology [1-3].


IV Glutathione can also benefit female fertility. It has a vital role in supporting the quality of eggs and embryos. The higher glutathione concentrations in follicular fluid and eggs has been shown to be correlated with an increase in the number of embryos which develop to stage 5 blastocyst stage for assisted fertility treatments (in vitro fertilization for example) [4-6].


Among many other benefits of using intravenous glutathione, such as, supporting liver function and health, improving cardiovascular health, supporting reduction in side effects from cancer therapies (chemo for example), and supporting healthy neurological function, glutathione also improves fertility by chelating heavy metals and supporting detoxification of different harmful chemicals from the body[7-8].


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