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For Female and Male Fertility

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Intravenous vitamin infusions for infertility in Ottawa, ON can be beneficial in helping to support the quality of gametes (egg and sperm cells) and supporting optimal hormone balance. The Fertility Pro formula builds on top of the Fertility Starter Formula (see benefits of this formula) by adding additional powerful antioxidants that work to support the main compound: glutathione. 


High dose vitamin C vitamin therapy helps to provide the body with additional antioxidants which reduce damage to sperm cells and eggs cells from environmental factors and oxidative stress that typically damage reproductive function and fertility. Vitamin C is one of the main antioxidants to protect sperm cells, as it concentrates in the seminal fluid at a concentration 10x higher than in the blood! The IV glutathione and high dose vitamin C work synergistically to support each other in their antioxidant function and together provide a better improvement in total antioxidant capacity [1, 2]


Vitamin C has also been shown to help support progesterone production and may support healthier luteal phases [3]. A healthy luteal phase is crucial to support implantation and early pregnancy. It may also support ovulation in Women unable to do so on their own and improve fertility [4].


IV Therapies for fertility focus on supporting the healthy development of both eggs and sperm, which in turn support the production of healthier embryos and higher chances of reproductive success [2, 5]. 


This formula also includes the following powerful micronutrients: Zinc, Selenium, B-Vitamins to help provide vitamins and minerals essential for fertility [6].


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