Female Fertility

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How Age Impacts Female Fertility

The age of a woman in Ottawa, ON, Canada, is the most important factor affecting female fertility. The chance of having a baby is much higher for a woman who is under 35. Younger women have healthier and more eggs than those who are older. A woman is born with all the eggs she will have. As she ages, the eggs age with her and the number and quality reduce over time.


Not only does the egg quality affect female fertility but the changes that happen in the eggs as you age include damage to genetic material. This is why children of older parents can have a higher chance of birth defects. The risk of complications and miscarriage can also be higher for older women than younger women. Those who are older can also have a higher risk of having placenta previa, gestational diabetes, and stillbirth.


There are changes that you can make to increase female fertility, including changes to your lifestyle and a vitamin and supplement regimen.

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