Frequently Asked Questions

What are vitamin infusions?

Intravenous vitamin infusions are the delivery of nutrients and vitamins directly in to the bloodstream. An angiocatheter is inserted in to a vein on the arm and connected to an IV nutrient bag. 

What are the advantages of IV?

IV therapy allows the delivery of important nutrients in therapeutic doses (provide additional therapeutic benefits) not possible by oral supplements.

What are the risks associated with IV?

Safety is the first priority before determining if IV therapy is the best treatment option for you. Risks particular to your formula are reviewed prior to starting therapy


Which Nutrients are Infused?

The formulas will differ based on the condition they are designed to treat. Nutrients include a range of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Is this better than a healthy diet?

IV nutrient therapy is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle or diet. It is meant to supplement them, and it provides nutrients in high doses otherwise not possible by diet. 

How can I start IV Therapy?

If you are interested in starting IV Therapy, you will need to schedule an Initial IV consultation so that a licensed Naturopath can provide you with the necessary information and tests.